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Get MORE Out of Your Workout with
Our One on One Or Remote Personal Training Options

One on One


Our trainers will motivate and design a perfect program to achieve your fitness goals, no matter your fitness level.

Monthly Remote Training

Have the basics down, but want expert guidance to maximize your workout and push you along?

Sports Performance

At the gym, at your facility, or remote options, our trainers will get you or your sports team to the next level.

All programs are designed and managed by Michael Canino, Doctor of Physical Therapy, Certified Personal Trainer & D1 College Athlete.


"I started this program having never lifted a weight or knowing what I was doing, but I had goals. I wanted to become stronger, more controlled, and more powerful during baseball. It's given me so much more than that. I finally have the confidence, strength, and power that I needed. My workouts are challenging but achievable. I look forward to going to the gym and altering my workouts to my schedule. Contacting my couch is easy and responses are quick."

"Growing up, I was always the skinny kid. In August, I decided to hire Coach Mike to try to pack in some muscle, it worked. In the first four months, I've seen a dramatic improvement of my physical appearance while gaining muscle. I am very happy with my results thus far."


About Michael Canino

Michael has been training others for +7 years and founded Michael Canino Performance in 2019. His expertise is with athletes, a collegiate athlete himself, with experience as a collegiate pitching and Strength & Conditioning coach, as well as clinical experience with individuals with various injuries, conditions, and levels of function. He’s worked with volleyball, soccer, football, baseball, and most notably pitchers. 


About Dale Ridgway

Equipped with knowledge and passion for Heath and Fitness, Dale is a motivated trainer excited to assist you achieve any goals you may have. His journey to personal training began with his completion of the ISSA certification program and led him to being hired as the Strength and Conditioning coach in charge of training Wildwood High School’s football team. Eager to continue his education and experience, Dale was hired with the goal of become an expert in his field and to succeed in helping his clients achieve their every goal. 

About Chuck Mirachi

Chuck Mirarchi has spent a lifetime in conditioning and physical fitness. In High School he played baseball and was part of the Cardinal O'Hara Football teams, their first city championship title. He played Football and in college he played Rugby. He was the Baltimore County Overall Champion and best lifter. He won the Overall Mr. Freedom Valley body-building meet, along with winning numerous

other weightlifting contests. Chuck also coached baseball for over 10 years, leading his 18- year Babe Ruth team to winning several State and Regional titles.

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Q & A  Videos with Mike Canino

"In person or remote?"

"How does training work?"

"How does remote training work?"

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