Performance Training &
Strength Conditioning

with Michael Canino

We're happy to introduce our new training opportunities. At The Gym At 10th, we have many members that are part time residents. Michael Canino is a great fit for The Gym at 10th for both year round and seasonal residents as he combines on site fitness training with remote sessions that can be done at any gym or the comfort of your home.

No matter if you are training for an event or sport, looking to grow your strength, or increase your performance, The Gym at 10th and Michael Canino Performance has a solution for you.

Michael has been training others for +7 years and founded Michael Canino Performance in 2019. His expertise is with athletes, a collegiate athlete himself, with experience as a collegiate pitching and Strength & Conditioning coach, as well as clinical experience with individuals with various injuries, conditions, and levels of function. He’s worked with volleyball, soccer, football, baseball, and most notably pitchers. 

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