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Training at The Gym at 10th by Mike Canino Performance!

The Gym has partnered with Mike Canino, the owner of Mike Canino Performance to offer personal training sessions! Mike is completing his Doctorate of Physical Therapy later this year, has experience as a collegiate pitching and Strength & Conditioning coach at the DIII level and was a D1 athlete himself, and has clinical experience with individuals with various injuries, conditions, and levels of function.

Mike’s philosophy for his training is to always look at the client or athlete first for who they are and what their goals are. He knows every person is unique, therefore everyone requires different forms of training based on their goals and training experience. He will find out what you need and create a plan best suited for you!

For anyone interested, you will receive a FREE 10 minute consultation with Mike and 1 week of remote training via TrueCoach. This will help him in directing a client towards what’s best to accomplish their goals – traditional in person training or monthly remote programming.

Interested in personal training? Head over to our website to fill out a form with your contact information and what your goals are to get your personal training journey started TODAY.

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